Ellie Richold – Producer
I began working in radio in 2006, for the Latin American arm of the BBC World Service (BBC Mundo), before sidestepping into research for the Radio 4 sociology programme Thinking Allowed.

My first documentary was for Radio 1 in 2008; an investigation into the rise of ketamine use called Through the K Hole. It was nominated for a Sony award.

I’ve made programmes and features about scallops, otters, dung beetles, The Lorax, Shakespeare and more. I’ve worked on BBC programmes such as Costing the Earth, Natural Histories, Great Lives, Word of Mouth, The Echo Chamber, Dream Builders, Exchanges at the Frontier… as well as recordings and podcasts for various organisations outside of the BBC.

Since completing a Masters in Virtual & Extended Realities at the University of the West of England (UWE), I now produce VR as well as podcasts.

This website exists in the hope that it will lead to connections, so get in touch!